Mini Tech ISO 9001:2015


In 2020, our quality management system was certified to meet the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. Furthermore, a production and control cycle is established with each order which can certify each machining stage, thanks also to the state-of-the-art custom-designed equipment and tools. Just like our vision.


The primary objective of MIMITECH Srl is to carry out the work commissioned by the customer according to high quality and precision criteria, satisfying the technical and service needs of its customers. Specifically, MIMITECH Srl considers the following aspects as priority:

  • the quality level of production
  • the guarantee of deliveries designed to satisfy the customer's production needs.
    The objectives described above must be pursued on an ongoing basis in compliance with the regulations in force in all areas affected by the management and in accordance with the profitability objectives of MIMITECH SRL.
    For this purpose, it is considered essential:
  • the correct budgeting
  • continuous monitoring of production progress
  • empowering staff to comply with the work and the efficient management of the internal production process
  • the continuous quality control of each manufactured product
  • the pursuit of continuous improvement of the organizational and performance aspects.
    With the implementation and maintenance of a management system compliant with the ISO 9001 standard (Quality Management System), MIMTECH Srl undertakes to pursue the objective of satisfying the qualitative needs of products and services of its customers, in compliance with current legislation. and together with the relevant expectations of all interested parties in relation to their business. MIMITECH Srl, with the adoption of QMS intends to codify its organizational and production know-how so as to make it shareable within the organization itself, verifiable with auditing activities, measurable by means of a system of indicators, oriented towards consistency improvement with the contingent conditions of the reference market. The general objectives outlined are pursued through the annual definition of performance targets of the main processes, the planning of detailed objectives and actions to improve the management system. This planning is guaranteed by the Management following the periodic review of the system.